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Emergency Department

Urgent Care Center – Sports Village

Women’s Center Visitation Guidelines

All Visitors are required to sign-in at the concierge desk and provide a picture ID before visiting a patient.  All visitors must be healthy with no recent exposure to the flu, chicken pox, or other contagious diseases.  Visitors should not have rashes, coughs, colds, fevers, or runny noses.  All visiting children must leave the facility by 10:00 pm.

Labor and Delivery

Visitors are limited to no more than 3 at a time and may rotate from the waiting room to the patient room during labor.  No children under the age of 14 will be allowed in Labor and Delivery except for siblings of the infant.  Siblings younger than 14 are allowed only for short periods of time and children under 14 are not permitted in delivery rooms.

Operating Room

One support person may be present in the operating room at any time.  Visitation may be restricted based upon presence of illness, recent exposure to illness, or travel history.

Recovery Room

After delivery, the baby and mother will be transferred to a recovery room with one support person in attendance.  The number of visitors allowed in the recovery room will depend on the census in the Labor and Delivery recovery area.  No children will be allowed in the recovery room.


Accommodations will be provided for only one adult visitor to stay overnight, all other visitors must leave before midnight.  “Nap Time” is from 2:00 – 4:00 pm daily.  Activity should be limited to allow mom and baby to rest.  All visiting children must leave the facility by 10:00 pm.