Obstetric Hospitalist Program – 24/7

At Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Frisco, we take pride in providing exceptional care that is safe and of the highest quality. We offer 24/7 care for our obstetrics patients by having an Obstetrics Hospitalist on-site.  An OB Hospitalist is a board-certified obstetrician who oversees care for all patients admitted to our Women’s Center.  They work closely with our OB physicians to provide the highest level of care.

What is the OB Hospitalist Program?

Our OB Hospitalist program is a unique service that provides 24/7 care for obstetrics patients.  The OB hospitalist may care for you in an emergency or when you arrive until your physician is on-site.  Any Baylor Frisco obstetric patient can utilize the OB Hospitalist’s service.  Your physician may request that the OB Hospitalist assist with your care in an emergency or specific situation. In the case of unexpected complications or problems, please enter the hospital through the Emergency Department, located at the rear of the facility.  The OB Hospitalist will be called to manage your care from that point.