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Baby 101 Workshops

Whether you are an expectant first-time mom or expecting the unique challenges of multiple births, our Women’s Center workshops will help prepare you and the whole family for that amazing day. Our highly trained staff is committed to you from the earliest stages of pregnancy until after your baby is born.  And, should your baby have special needs, our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will be there for you 24/7. For moms who register at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Frisco, we offer many options to prepare you and your family.  

For class times & registration information, please email us at or call 214.407.5012.   Online courses are available for those who are unable to attend in person.  Please contact our class coordinator for information on how to access the courses.

They sure are cute, but they don’t come with instructions. Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Frisco offers a variety of classes to parents and family members to prepare for the new addition to your family. We encourage you to attend as many courses as you can. Classes are complimentary for patients delivering at our facility.

 Prepared Childbirth – Breathing and Relaxation Intensive Class -12 hours (2-3) days – Online Course also available –  We will help mothers and their support person learn comfort techniques to prepare them for labor better.  Topics include pregnancy warning signs, pre-term risk factors, in-depth breathing relaxation exercises as well as labor or c-section delivery rehearsal.

Cesarean Birth- Vaginal delivery NOT covered – 3 hours – Online Course also available –  This class is for patients who are scheduled for cesarean delivery.  Relaxation breathing will not be covered.  Topics include pre-operative instructions, anesthesia, and post-operative recovery

Breastfeeding Class – 3 hours – Online Course also available –  Both parents are encouraged to attend this class to understand the breastfeeding process. Taught by a certified lactation consultant, this class will help prepare you for initiating breastfeeding in the hospital, monitoring breastfeeding effectiveness at home, planning for pumping, milk storage, and working while breastfeeding.

Baby Care Class- 2 hours – Online Course also available –  This class is designed to help parents have realistic expectations and learn the basics of caring for a newborn. Topics include diapering, bathing, soothing, and caring for your new baby with additional information on growth, development, and selecting a pediatrician. A pediatrician teaches this class.

Infant Safety

Infant Safety & CPR – 2 hours – This course will cover the most critical safety issues related to infants, children, and families. Topics covered include baby -proofing, water safety, choking, and poisoning. The American Heart Association Guidelines for infant CPR are taught along with hands-on practice with infant manikins. The CPR portion of this course follows American Heart Association guidelines; however, this will not certify you in CPR.

Family Support

Dads Do More Than Diapers – 2 hours – This one evening workshop prepares men to be dads in all respects. We will address issues including preparation for labor, newborn care, rekindling intimacy following delivery, and signs of postpartum depression. A male physician leads this class. Dads-to-be enjoy the opportunity to address their concerns and fears about fatherhood whether they are first-time fathers or have previous experience at fatherhood.

Sibling Class -1 hour – This class is designed to help siblings celebrate becoming a big brother or sister. We will make a craft in class and watch a video about becoming a Super Sibling. Classes are divided into three age groups: 2 years, 3-5 years, and 6-9 years.

For class times & registration information, please email us at or call 214.407.5012.  Also, you can research and choose an OB/GYN physician by clicking here and choose a pediatrician by clicking here.

For a referral to a physician near you, please call 1.855.4.FRISCO (437-4726).