Is Spine Surgery Right for You?

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Is Spine Surgery Right for You?

As with any surgical procedure, back surgery isn’t an easy decision. But there are times when it’s the best treatment option. If you’re considering surgery, here are some instances that may warrant it.

You’ve exhausted all other avenues of treatment.
In general, back pain alone does not mean surgery is necessary. Six weeks of trying non-surgical options, such as medication and physical therapy, is standard before considering surgery.

Low back pain occurs alone or can be associated with leg pain. Back pain associated with leg pain can be more concerning. The leg pain is critical because it indicates that something is physically compressing the nerves as they exit the spine, such as a herniated disc. In this case, surgery may be necessary for relief because it will directly treat the cause of the pain.

Pain is debilitating.
People who do well with surgery have met several criteria and are debilitated by their pain. Surgery may be a good option if the pain is so extreme it’s affecting your daily activities, ability to function, relationships, and job.

Whatever you decide, learn all you can about your options. It’s critically important to understand the cause of the pain, the diagnosis, the procedure, what recovery is like, and your expectations. Surgery will not remove all pain in all patients all the time, but for most, when indicated, it can make a remarkable difference in improving the pain and their lives overall.

You have come to the right place!  We are a certified Center of Excellence in Spine Surgery, designated by The Joint Commission.  In addition, we are designated as a Blue Cross & Blue Shield Center of Distinction.  These Centers have lower readmission rates and fewer reoperations.

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