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Advanced Robotic Surgery System

Surgeon-Led PrecisionTechnology

Thanks to new robotic technology now available at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Frisco, many patients no longer have to worry about lengthy downtimes after surgery. Our DaVinci robotic surgical System enables many surgeries to be performed in a less invasive way, typically leading to shorter hospital stays and faster recoveries.

Baylor Frisco is proud to have performed the first fully robotic bariatric sleeve in Collin County.  Click here to see a recent article about Baylor Frisco robotics.

Benefits Typically Include:

• Less pain and scarring

• Preservation of vital small nerves and blood vessels

• Smaller incisions (usually 1- to 2-centimeters)

• Less blood loss during the procedure

• Quicker recovery (usually one to three days)

• Lower risk of infection

• Shorter hospital stay

• Fewer transfusions

Robotic Surgery can be utilized for a number of surgeries including:

Robotic Surgery Physicians

Click here for a full list of physicians on staff at Baylor Frisco or call 1.855.4.FRISCO (437-4726) for a physician near you.